Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Springtime sights and smells

I've been walking to work several times a week, and every day there's something new to see. One of the first flowers of spring is the pasque flower. It was lining the bank above the sidewalk on Canyon Road. (I didn't take this image. I don't normally schlep a camera around. )

The pasque flowers have given way to the yellow peas blooming along the pathway through the woods that parallels Canyon Road. (I didn't take this one either.)

Michele and I saw some mule deer along the path one morning. They were browsing on the bushes in the woods. Here's one of their cousins we saw on the trail in Bandelier National Monument.

Today I was walking past the Bradbury Science Museum and saw that the Class of 2010 had probably struck. Someone had filled the fountain with detergent, and the whole block smelled springtime fresh.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pen Wednesday--affordable pens

These pens were all less than $30.00 and are perfect for everyday use.

L to R. Pilot, Aurora, an Italian pen with no brand name on it, Tombow, Yafa, and Rotring.