Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So what if the Higgs Boson endows everything with mass. My cellphone makes me invisible!

(First, Family o' Mine, we upgraded our cellphones to Droid Razr M, so you can stop laughing.)
First cellphone

Second cellphone

Current cellphone

From working in the store, walking on the streets, and generally being in the world, I know that lots of people think being on a cellphone somehow makes them invisible and unhearable, and nowhere was that brought home more than yesterday.

I was working in the library at one of the tables. A woman was set up at the table in front of me, her back to me. Then she made the call. The conversation started off softly enough, but it grew increasingly louder. She was calling a man named Chris, who may have been her lawyer, and, from the one-sided conversation I heard, I pieced together the following information (hey, I was writing; it's my job to snoop; however, I am not writing the names of the principals):

  • she is a massage therapist;
  • the case involves botched surgery on her hand in the late 1990s by a practice in the southern part of the state;
  • she had surgery again in 2004, and there were post-surgical problems;
  • fraud is involved in her case;
  • she has no physical evidence of an injury;
  • everyone at the courthouse knows about her case because it's so high-profile;
  • she has reported the case to the FBI;
  • a person who was going to testify on her behalf at a trial was paid off and did not testify;
  • the judge is in "her own psychotic world";
  • the judge has ruled that the caller presented no admissible evidence; 
  • the female judge has a female lover [her partner of 30 years], whose name she spelled out to Chris;
  • her lawyer is not willing to go into the bank account of the surgical practice and take money from them;
  • every judgment by a Santa Fe judge has been against her; the judge's law firm has had a bias against her from the beginning;
  • she spends her time at the law library in Santa Fe, where an intern paralegal told her to watch her back.
Holy moly. Even though I know that being on a cellphone endows the caller with invisibility and inaudibility, if I were involved in a legal case, I wouldn't say nothin' to nobody nowhere, much less in a peaceful, public place like a library.

I'm going back this afternoon to find out more.