Friday, March 8, 2013

Synopsis of the opera Non puoi arrivarci da qui

Non puoi arrivarci da qui (You Can’t Get There from Here)

Atto I

Peggerina enters with her mother, La Signora Margarita. They discuss the possibility of going to Memphis, Tennessee, to attend the annual Donor Appreciation Event sponsored by the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. (Spero che servono torta. “I hope they serve pie.”) Margarita encourages her daughter to go online and book airline tickets. (Non si preoccupi. Pagherò per tutto. “Don’t worry. I’ll pay for everything.”) Peggerina says she can’t do anything, for a problem has arisen. (La connessione internet è giù; il gatto è stato a giocare con il cavo. “There’s no internet connection; Flicker’s been playing with the cable again.”) They weep.

Atto II

The internet connection restored and Flicker sent to play outside, the two continue their search for flights from Albuquerque to Memphis. (Vogliono quanto? “They want how much?”) Peggerina says that Southwest does not fly to Memphis, and their partner, AirTran, flies to Memphis but doesn’t serve Albuquerque. (Si tratta di un sistema? “Is this a system?”)

They find an inexpensive flight that lasts nineteen hours, taking them from Albuquerque at 5:30 a.m. to Chicago O’Hare to Charleston, South Carolina, to Little Rock, and arriving in Memphis at 12:45 a.m. Peggerina is distraught. (Porca puttana su un biscotto. “Holy crap on a cracker!”) Margarita tries to comfort her sobbing daughter. (Calmati. Troveremo un modo. “Oh, calm down. We’ll find a way to get there.”) Peggerina is doubtful. (Io non sto prendendo un autobus che è certo. “I’m not taking the bus, that’s for sure.”) Margarita encourages Peggerina to seek an alternate route, perhaps through a different airport. (Possiamo andare per la città con un altezza di 1,609.344 metri? “Maybe we could go through Denver?”) Peggerina demurs. (Ogni volta che vado attraverso Denver perdono il mio bagaglio. “Every time I go through Denver, they lose my luggage.”) While Peggerina sobs, Margarita gets another cup of tea.

Atto III

Peggerina offers an alternate plan. (Siamo in grado di guidare. Interstate 40 ci porta direttamente a Memphis. “We can drive. It’s a straight shot on I-40.”). This time it is Margarita’s turn to object. (Non c’è niente da vedere lungo la strada. Mi piace scenario. “Are you kidding? There’s nothing to see. I like scenery!”) Peggerina says they can take the side roads. Margarita says that Delta flies to Memphis and urges Peggerina to continue the research. She finds a flight leaving Albuquerque at zero dark thirty and, after a brief layover in Atlanta, arriving in Memphis well before the reception and dinner. Margarita is ecstatic. (Prenota esso, Danno. Qui è la mia carta di credito. Fare con quello che volete. “Book it, Danno! Here’s my credit card. Do with it what you will.”)

The two rejoice and practice an aria to sing during the flight. (Novanta nove bottiglie di birra sul muro. “99 bottles of beer on the wall.”)