Friday, December 25, 2009

Bagels and silliness

Michele and I have breakfast at Ruby K's a couple times a week, and when we were in there earlier this week, we decided to get something sweet. I ordered one of their cinnamon rolls and brought it to the table, and the little guy (3 or 4 years old) next to us said, "That looks really good. You should dig in!" I said, "Your bagel looks really good, too." His mom said it was a chocolate chip bagel. I said, "Chocolate chip bagels rule!"

The little guy, whose name is Torson, said, "You're silly!" I told him that I wasn't silly and that I approached life with all the dignity and decorum that I could muster. He looked at me as if I didn't have mirrors in the house and reiterated his opinion that I'm silly. I said, "I'm not silly. You're silly. Aggle aggle aggle phthhhh bonka bonka bonka!" That confirmed my silliness to him. He leaped up and gave me a big hug.

Then he told me he had to go to the doctor to get a shot, but he wasn't scared, and afterwards, he was going to have some chocolate ice cream. "Whenever I have to get a shot, I get chocolate ice cream after the shot. That's the deal I worked out with my mom."

I said that it was a really good deal. He told me that he wasn't going to the doctor just to get a shot, either. He was going to to get his breathing checked. "I'm breathing really well now," he said, and, to show me, inhaled so deeply that his nostrils were little vertical slits. I invited him to come to the store after ice cream, and he gave me another big hug.

I like little kids. They're so at ease in the world, and they crack me up.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to stay warm in teh winter


Oh, hai. Im FLICKER!

I tell u how to stay warm in teh winter. First, u must put u tummeh on 1 radiator. Put u pawz on teh other radiator. See? Itz easy.

Then if u wants to watch teh birdz and still have warm pawz and tummeh, u rests u chin on teh windowsill. U can also haz a nap!

Now u try.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My friends have new cameras

My friends have new cameras.

Alan took a picture of me with his new iPhone. I was just watching him play with it and didn't know that he was taking a picture.

Our friend Katy took this picture of us with our new T-shirts on Saturday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cormac McCarthy's typewriter

Cormac McCarthy is my favorite modern author. One of the happiest days of my life was August 26, 2005, when Michele and I saw him in the Border's bookstore in Santa Fe, and I approached him and introduced myself to him. We talked for about 10 minutes.

I've read all his books, and I think Blood Meridian and Suttree are masterpieces. The first three pages of Suttree are absolutely breathtaking. What would be cooler than owning his typewriter?

Christie's is auctioning his typewriter on Friday, and I've placed an absentee bid. I won't win it, of course, but it's fun to dream.

Cormac McCarthy is god.