Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flower walk

Yesterday Michele and I drove up to the Ski Hill and did a flower walk to Cañada Bonita.

When we got to the parking lot, we saw scores of mountain bikers getting ready for their gnarly rides. (The Chamber of Horrors Commerce doesn't see much benefit to promoting adventure tourism, like mountain biking, climbing, or mountaineering; all those activities do is bring people to town who have disposable income, will stay for several days, and won't leave a big footprint. Adventure travel is not nearly as profitable as getting in bed with developers. But I digress and will now get off my soapbox.)

Here are some images from our walk. Click on the images to enlarge them.

The walk through the woods is cool and inviting.

From the trail you can see the townsite and the effects of the Cerro Grande Fire.

This log returns its nutrients to the mosses and other plants.

The trail skirts the meadow . . .

. . . which is carpeted with wildflowers.


Canada violet (hi, Marion!)

Gunnison's mariposa tulip

Nodding onion


Sticky asters; summer is almost over.

Strawberry runners on a stump

Whipple's penstamon


Chuckbert said...

Nice pictures!

Re: The Chamber of Commerce. It's nice to see that your blog is starting to fill a bit of the vacuum left when The Bomb Town News Observer closed up shop.

RetroMag said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! They are really nice.

Marion Agnew said...

Hi Pegster! Great pictures!

I've never noticed a Canada violet around here, but that's a function of my noticing capacity. We have bluebells on our beach, though.

You also live in a beautiful place. You'd think there'd be an underground adventure tourism industry, made up of all those who find Boulder and environs too crowded.

Izzy said...

Purdy! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for identifying the flahrs.